I am anxious that this coming election in the Philippines will not turn out good.

Or maybe it will.. Nobody knows..

The son of the dead ex -president is running for presidency, despite overwhelming proof

of corruption, not just by himself, but his family, that even his co-senators call him a thief.

He just does not get it. Proof are all over on the internet.. These are not fake news.

I guess, that is the trademark of sociopathic behavior like Trump.

A lot of people are being paid to promote this “weak candidate”.

A certain Noel Galang who used to be my “FB friend,” admitted that he is being paid.

I fooled him into thinking that I will double his loot.

He was certainly a fool, thinking I will share my $$ to him, who had applied for a

financial aid for his “advocacy” , but was denied unanimously by HAPI.

Some people close to him said. He is indeed a scammer.

Oh well, he even tried to be close to me so that he can stay with me in NYC in one of his

so called US vacations, paid for by another sponsor.

He must be good at “fooling people..” but, he did not fool me.

Good thing, I had others watch my back.

Life is hard in the Philippines.. even the candidates try to outdo each other.

Please do not be fooled again!

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