I finally met the HAPI people!

My recent vacation to UK was really awesome.

I finally met Mutya, the HAPI CFO, who has been my friend since 2010.

I also met Javan, the HAPI CEO

and Shane flew from Spain to meet me too.

We had a wonderful time together during our planned tours in the

City of London, in Windsor Castle , Baths and Warner Brothers’ Studio

for Harry Potter.

And a very lovely birthday celebration of yours truly.

I met Amz, Nelson and Reginald who have been my long time FB friends also.

Mutya, Javan and myself proceeded to Glasgow and attended the Humanist International conference

and networked with those FB friends whom I have been communicating through Facebook.

I even saw some familiar faces.

It just gets better.

We now have three generations of HAPI humanists in the Philippines.

The four of us at the famous Stonehenge

At Sabines, Leonardo Royal Hotel St Pauls.

Shane, Javan and Reginald Challis.

Amz, Nelson and Mutya
At the Scottish highlands

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