We tried to look for another cruise experience outside of Princess Cruises

which we are platinum members.

To our dismay, it was not as fabulous as I thought.

Maybe because, I have overly high expectations

with the amount of money we spent.

We splurge on a penthouse with butler and concierge service.

Both were unnecessary. The pillow menu was additional bs.

The canapes and food delivered to our room were not that great.

The booked massage was a nightmare, I have to cancel the whole ordeal.

I think, this will be our first and last cruise tour on this ship.

To top it off, I got some symptoms of Covid-19,

and the test confirmed that.

Paxlovid to my rescue, but my symptoms are mild only,

not a fever even.

So, reserved that medicine for some other day or

to my beloved husband , just in case he gets it.

Such an experience, most fabulous, NOT!

Just boarded the NCL Breakaway ship, escorted to the gangway and to the

HAVEN, exclusive for elite/suite customers.

At Rhode Island’s mansions
At Peggy’s cove
Lighthouse of Maine

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