Some people just cannot move on.

Some guy is still butthurt until now. He just hates my guts!

Hey, it is 2023, can you move on? Didn’t you leave in 2017?

You cannot, because you cannot have what you want, so, you are trying to destroy it (again).

You are still the pathological liar, Trump-like gaslighter, conspiracy theorist that you are!

Still jobless? betting on Bitcoins?*

*You have not destroyed HAPI.. You have made us stronger: Your bad strategy became a natural sieve to sift those who were not serious with activism like the gold diggers, parasites and snakes.

I am just a little sad for those who want to come back as activists. No way, Jose! No cannot do.. You bet on the wrong horse.

Continue what you are doing, trying to project who you really are, calling me “names” , but, actually it is you, You are just describing yourself.

You can never put a good woman down.

You are just one of them who tried to steal HAPI from me.

Never worked for ms M.

I am not ms M for nothing!

I will slap you when I see you.. Opps.. Did your wife did that already?

Cheers to your stupidity..

You have just confirmed why I should always be HAPI. Because there are people like you, who wants to steal it from me.

This is a dummy account, his name is Marco Mendoza aka Alex Tracy Wisner.

A pathetic human being, pretending to be Filipino.

Plenty of time on FB to smear and gaslight, because he is a parasite,

jobless asshole, sucking his wife’s income.

His wife is a strong Filipina who has a great career.

His wife even embarrassed him on FB, which lead Marco to block his own wife on FB!!

The marital dynamics say it all.

No wonder, he is a very jealous/envious parasite!

Do not ever listen to him, or you will be in trouble like him.

My beef is that, why would you even listen to this dummy account?

Who failed many times to lead, who cannot even reveal his real name.

The proof is in the pudding: He tried to lead, but was not successful!

The people he was able to gaslit also turned on him.

He just cannot lead.

That jealousy and envy is so profound, until now

he is still looking for sympathizers.

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