Being curious and adventurous, we tried MSC M.

Yacht club was the only way to go as we always book a mini-suite room

with a balcony.

Our mini -suite with a balcony.

True enough, it was different: Away from it all

Away from a throng of chaotic cruisers.

We have our own butler. cabin boy and concierge department.

We have our own lounge and swimming pool.

with a barbQ area.

Such a pamper you can get as a cruiser.

They even made me a gold member based on my platinum membership

at Princess Cruises.

On the Swarovski Crystal staircase

What else is there to do when you are heathy and wealthy?

Is to vacation almost every month! NEXT!

Hubby and I are still very happy despite arguments. LOL
At the Ocean Cay Reserve

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