Life’s important Lessons: Simple things, the right spouse and Giving

What a person learns and leaves is as individual as his fingerprints. But I found some heartening insights into common themes in this new research from Priceless Legacy, a company that turns interviews with older adults into life stories in print or video format. An analysis of its projects shows that the top five life lessons shared by people ages 65 to 104 are:

  1. The simple things matter most.
  2. Humor and time cure most pains.
  3. There’s more satisfaction in giving than getting. Service to others is the most satisfying activity.
  4. Choose your spouse carefully. It will be your most important decision.
  5. Work hard and in a field or role that you enjoy.

I am very pleased with the above lessons. Amongst the interviewees, nobody mentioned about money and success, thus, shows that they are not that important in life. What is important are the simple things in life, ie, walks in the park, eating your favorite food no matter what it is, cuddling in the living room, hugging and smiles. A lot of smiles will win you friends, and it will ease up your day. I smile a lot, and  people really smile at me back. I am sure they did not think i am funny looking, but genuinely give back a smile or two. Smile cost nothing yet it gives you so much. Try it sometime and you will see the results!

Time heals all wounds is an adage that connotes, all things shall pass, just be patient. Laughter is the best medicine, in fact in some countries, a laughing session is being  practiced to promote health.. So let us start laughing now. HAHAAAHHA!

I started giving when I was in high school. I was poor so  the only thing I could give away were answers in our exams. Boy, I had a lot of classmates who have benefited from this. Now, that I can afford to give away some money, I see to it that I give especially to people whom I know are in dire need for food and some basic needs. I have also helped people who want to go abroad, or open some  business.  There is joy in giving. When I retire, i plan to volunteer also.

This is my favorite life lesson: choose your spouse. I have chosen the best spouse in the world. I am married to a wonderful human being, not because he is generous but because we are in love with each other. Love is very important. You should marry for love, security is only secondary. No amount of money can make you happy, but love will. However, love and happiness should come from within. You need to love and be happy with yourself. If you do not, who will ever love you? Do not expect anybody to make you happy either. You are the only one who can make yourself happy.

There was no mention about offspring or children as important in the study. It only proves that children are not important either. In fact, some people admit that their children are creating a lot of problems for them. You will never know how your kids will turn out. Lucky for some their kids are great, but could be their worst enemies, too.  So, do not brag if you have children because the study above just confirmed that they are not that important.

What is most important is that you believe in yourself. Do what you can do now for yourself and  mankind, for you will not pass this way again.

Believe in yourself. Who will ever believe you if you do not believe in yourself?


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