Aging: Very few things are beyond our control

I am not ready to look old yet. My patients told me I only look 29. To tell you the truth, I look and feel better now than when I was 35 years old. My secret: I work only one job now, plenty of sleep, stress management, maintain my weight thru wise food selection, moderate exercise ( I exercise a lot at work because I use the stairs all the time instead of using the elevator. This is my daily exercise.) Funny, but this is true. I used to belong to fancy gym memberships which i do not even use. Now, when I get the chance I go to my basement to get a real good work-out. Otherwise, stair climbing works for me.

My best secret is being happy despite any circumstances in my life. I was happy even when I was single, but happier now that I am married.  A  lot of love also helps in staying young. Studies show that married people have better longevity than single people. So, if you are married, plan to stay married all your life. It does not hurt to have a partner in your bed when you sleep. Kissing before sleeping is also very healthy. It gives you a goodnight’s dream and better REM (deep sleep). That is the time when you renew your body cells thereby, strengthening your immune system.

Kindly click on the link to give you a better perspective on how to avoid the aging process or at least slow it down. I have been practicing a few of them even before I found this link. Remember, you only have one life, one body, and you need to take care of it. Good read and good luck!

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