Some people will remain bitter all  their lives:

> those who have wrong perceptions and always misconstrue other people’s words, so that they can feel good about themselves.

> those who have been banned by successful societies .

> those who are not successful in their career.

> those who are poor leaders, resigned fast and furious because he cannot lead, when asked to clean up the mess.

> those who were not accepted back to become admins.

> those who sided with thieves and scammers.

> those who cannot do what I do.

>those who think that they  are intelligent..but has no proof at all.

> those who have very bad attitude, they cannot see their own bad behavior.

>those who are pathological liars, they do not even know  that they are lying.

> those who have underestimated me, thinking I will never leave them. Tough luck, you are wrong?  I need a public apology.

> Those who have no integrity nor credibility as evidenced by lack of donors and sponsors. It bit you already, can’t you see.

>Good wishes to the backstabbers. My life would have been boring without your “stupid moves”, it has awakened me that some atheists can be really assholes and do not deserve a dime from me.

Ask yourself, maybe you are one of them.

I do not need donation for myself. I even retired early, I did not miss my 6-figure salary and bonuses. My society will survive even if we do not receive donations. Your guess is as good as mine. No need to display  my 1099 and W-2.


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