Why I left PATAS: The TRUTH

Snakes and Termites : The truth why I left PATAS

Two years ago in November  2013, right after my vacation in Barbados, I came back to NYC with a very heavy heart. I had a premonition that something was  happening with my first baby, PATAS,  the  first organized SEC registered  nonreligious society I founded  to hopefully,  make a better Philippines via critical thinking, reason, atheism and logic.

The snakes have gotten out of their cages and treated me like a rat. What is going on? They thought, I was siding with Cebu? The divisive attitude of PATAS-Manila made all PATAS-Cebu leave without ado, some of them blaming me for siding with Manila. OOps..where did I go wrong?  They thought they can lead better than I do?  I was not siding with anyone, I was neutral all along. Both chapters had power struggles,  some were greedy to the core, some were thieves and arrogant bastards and really low life. A lot of them still owe me money  up to this day and some are in hiding hoping I will not find them. All of those whom I have helped and given computers were all “bad people”. I should have known that some pinoys suffer from self-entitlement and have chip on their shoulders.

Honestly, I was already on the verge of my retirement from PATAS,  thus, I was serendipitously  training the CEO and President about effective leadership. To my dismay, both have stabbed me in my heart, the rest stabbed me in my back. They were very insecure about  their leadership, they could not even agree with each other. One left after a few months. Oh well, they have just removed the glue that made them stick together.

I caught them in a secret chat with their dearest  friends making me look like I was hiding the donations for Cebu. Truth be told, they knew that the donations went straight to Cebu bank. We had a proof of that also. The funds were with LA.  How come they did not go to Cebu to find out what really was happening? How come Cebu members were not receptive to them ? They were supposed to be on the same team? What went wrong? It is easier to blame the founder, you know, she is just in the USA sitting on her butt. The blaming attitude of most Pinoys came out. The greedy and arrogant behavior of some pinoys came out! How I wish, one of them flew to Cebu to check them out.

The new Board of Directors were behaving like snakes and  termites. One of them, RP,  offered to make me the Chairman Emeritus, since they know very well that  I built PATAS with my own funds, sweat and blood with a little help from donors and volunteers in Luneta. the Nerve!! How dare them!!! I declined the offer three times. This very same person has been badmouthing me ever since I declined his offer. I even caught him red handed. They forgot, I have some loyal people who report to me anything negative said about me. Oh the nerve!! did you forget : there would have been no PATAS without my money and effective leadership? His secret apologies were not enough frankly, he needs to apologize publicly for humiliating me publicly. where is he now? He is still trying to do some “termite and snake techniques” again.

There was one BOD  – (RT) who hates me for no reason at all. He forgot that I gave him 1000 pesos as fare from Baguio to Manila. This person is only fierce online, but he really behaves and looks like a lamb in person. He is so desperate for my attention, he stalks me around, and knows everything about me, but TROLLS everyone. I do not like to think that he hates my guts. He stopped bashing me when his good friends became my staff in HAPI. Have you realized your mistakes now? I need a public apology.

One of their BOD officers,  hacked into my FB account and publicized some of my chats with my scholar. I know who this one is. He even posted them on FB, on his dummy account. Does he really have to know what I am thinking about? How insecure is he ? Miss my money and my attention. His  kids will never get any from me. Tough luck.

Apparently their behavior and backstabbing attitudes ricocheted,  they obviously were not getting along very well. PATAS shrunk like a prune : Most of their chapters were gone, they cannot even revive Cebu and eventually the “Three Stooges” left PATAS all at the same time  and made their own specialty group promoting their own self interests.

I thought, they can be revived by the Patascon? I was really hoping too, it is still my baby, you know.

The insecurity came out again, they made their  visitors uncomfortable by their comments about the HAPI pin worn by the topnotch HAPI officials . Oh well, some people do not learn their lesson.

I could just have made my own personal foundation for philanthropy and charity. The heartaches and sadness these people have given me were too much. I almost had a heart attack.  I have already lost a lot of money because of my advocacy.  I do not really need donations. But, it is nice to get some from people who support my advocacy, and  it is better because there is strength in numbers and diversity.  I must admit,  I will not do this again. Herding cats is a daunting task. I could have retired earlier had I saved all my losses from my advocacy and what I have lost from supporting  my scholar.  I could have taken that tour around the world  x 2 earlier!!

Water seeks its own level. I am HAPI now. My journey has ended.

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