Whatever you do,

Successful or not,  still reflects what I did before

My legacy will continue and you just continued it.

You are a charlatan, doing  advocacy  to spite me?

Pretending will end when you get tired of your pretenses.

Whatever it is , I am still vindicated.

You cannot escape from my shadow.

Too much obsession of what I do.

Can’t work without copying me?

I have the LAST LAUGH, hear me roar.

You are a charlatan and insecure, for sure.

and please, I do not hate an imitator, who is my secret adoring fan.

this is your plan? Continue my legacy, but you are a fool just the same.

Calling me names before? now you know, you are wrong and mistaken.

When do you send me a public apology? because private apologies are

No longer effective.

Snakes and termites use my name  to advance their game.

I have the LAST LAUGH, just the same.

Do not do this advocacy to impress me.

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