Generic Medications are as good as Brand names




The pharmaceutical industry is raking millions from consumers and patients.

I was once a medical representative in the Philippines,  promoting branded medications made in Italy, instead of generic meds. It was a very lucrative job as I have my own car, living allowance, bonuses,  on top of my basic salary.  But, I was always wondering why are these drugs very expensive?

I am now on the other end of the spectrum.

Very few branded meds have no  generic counterparts, thereby, generic can really be utilized by those savvy patients and consumers.

I am quite fortunate to be also a prescriber, giving me the authority to change medications according to the patient’s pockets and ability to pay.

Believe me, most branded medications can be replaced with generics. Stop paying 200 – 500 USD co-pay when it is only 7 -20 USD using the generic med.

There are ways to save funds for medications by simply looking for cheap alternative and looking for coupons that can lower your co-payment.

I saved 500 USD by simply enrolling myself in a new product for dry eyes. Imagine that.

Please stop being taken advantaged of  by pharmaceutical industries and doctors or health care professional  that only prescribe branded drugs.

There is a way to save. Google is still your best friend.

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