The Truth Will Prevail



Be true to yourself first and foremost.

Honesty is still the best policy.

Always tell the truth, so that you do not have to memorize your answers.

I cannot swallow to be friends  or to be associated with people of low caliber: sociopaths, pathological liars, scammers, back stabbers, low life, scum  bags, opportunists, sex offenders,  and drama queens.

At this day and age, I will choose whom I will associate myself with. No more being nice. I am realistic. I have learned my lessons well.

My words are evocative, so they say. But , I am only responsible for what I wrote, not for your feelings. Your analysis to my post is a pronouncement of your predicament, not mine.

Indeed sociopaths are akin to leopards: never change their spots.

I am right all along to detach myself from such dire and muddy situation.

I am still fortunate. I remain HAPI.




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