Wikipedia is not a reliable source for history


995357_1284129801602130_1856641407113985545_nAs per my experience with wiki, it is not a reliable source of history nor information. It is an online encyclopedia that is outsourced and can be manipulated by villains  like snakes and termites and now the evil boy.

It can just be edited by any Dick and Harry that comes along. Good or bad edits still does not make it reliable. I will no longer donate to that wiki anymore. Some admins are nice, but some are not. I will no longer  waste my time online with that wiki.

Some people are very serious to vilify me, and even removed history just to make me look bad. They have changed a PATAS wiki several times but had been reverted to the original post.

How can you trust something that can be changed by a single stroke of  a computer?  Most nasty and malicious edits are done in the Philippines, but have been removed by wiki. Pretty much akin to  FB incidents, they have also removed those pages that vilified me.

Some proof of the history much better than wiki: They cannot be altered,  nor changed as time goes by.

The Pope’s gonna have a cow. Catholic Philippines gains its first atheist society.

I am still here HAPI as can be. A solid proof that I am who I am  and no one can contest to that. Now, learn your lessons well:  Do not backstab your founder.

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