I like sharing my life story, so that people can learn lessons from me vicariously.
We cannot learn all lessons in this lifetime. Life is too short.
Story untold is not a good idea.
Most people assume things and make it worse.
Truth is good. Share what is true.
Those people who do not learn from their pasts, are bound to repeat the same thing.
I have learned my lessons well. Never again.
I have freed myself from dysfunctional people.
I am very fortunate to have an awesome and very generous husband, who loves me just the way  I am.
I am FREE. I found the ultimate freedom.
Freedom from religion and of religion.
I am an atheist humanist.
I am not afraid.

1 thought on “Share your life story

  1. Exactly Ms. M. we shared the same sentiments. I myself had been imprisoned by wrong belief and impractical ideas came from those people that is trying to manipulate and use me for their own satisfaction.

    As of this moment, I am still on the process of rebuilding my life again, hoping that one of this days, in due time, I may be able to achieve the New Me, with a brand new life, and living with the people who shared the same views with me..

    Thanks for sharing


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