What is your purpose in life? The magic word: Thank you


What is your purpose in life?

When you have enough money , you have enough to help others, even those whom you will never meet in this lifetime. But, those who have scammed you,  can never get help anymore. No more second chances for them.

When you know you are successful: You do not need accolades. It is enough that you have helped make the event successful.

When you are successful, there is no need for recognition, but a little “thank you” will make you more generous,  and giving.

Why can’t some people say “thank you” ?

A sign of insecurity, I suppose and a sign of arrogance.

An arrogant person can never be successful.  Because, gratitude is the mother of success.

My advice? Learn how to say “thank you”. It does not hurt to extend yourself by showing gratitude. It actually makes the other person do more for you.

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