The making of a snake : the true hypocrite and the gas lighter

The signals were there from the very  get go.

But,  I always give a chance to the lucky ones, you know.

ALAS, the real nymph has gone out full blast.

A psycho dumb ass in distress, what else  does she have?

She only works best when her ass is challenged.

She works best when she is stimulated by anger and  just to prove her worth.

A closet full of skeletons, some people have known.

A real hypocrite through and through and arrogant, social climber,  she goes in the night.

Wonderful as a start, but , mysteriously, the skin grew like snakes.

What do you expect, she’s a friend of those snakes.

A chess-player she claims, what a pity, again.

Each move is calculated to her advantage again and again.

Dumb luck, she forgot, experience is my best teacher.

You are in number one? I am already in number five.

What a waste of life, pretending to commit suicide?

A strategy for attention, played out and old.

No more of that, she  has grown some scales.

Indeed, a waste of breath , a real hypocrite, no matter what she does.

A real evil human, clothed in sheep skin.

With questionable integrity and with an air of arrogance,

Her smell stinks even from afar.

She values the “gaslighter, with a dummy account and full of hot air”.

Oh what a pity, a waste of breath, dealing with same snakes and

termites again and again. Good they left , so we can start anew.

A version two , better than ever before, without these kind of wolves, who have fed their egos galore.

Such a lesson, am also to blame, why did I admit a dummy with a bamboo personality.

He just poisoned some,  but,  not all.

I am still laughing in the end after all!

You cannot win if you are evil and in vain.

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