Who wants my attention

There are people who are still obsessed with me, and love talking about me.. eg: MNY,  RM. MM, TT, MDF, dummy accounts galore.

They want my attention, I cannot  fathom why.

They stalk me,  go to my FB page and steal my pics.

For all they know, bad publicity is still publicity.

You just made me more publicly known.

You, an asshole, is just doing me a favor, making sure that

HAPI is more famous and people are aware of us without you.

You were removed for your idiocy and stupidity

Or other ways that you are no longer connected with me.

How can you say I am bad, when you are siding with the snakes and termites? search me, for all I care.

You are just a fucking mother fucker! and a nightmare!

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