Since the inception of my non religious societies I have been the biggest donor.

When I left PATAS, they went downhill because the biggest donor is gone : ME.

They could not even sustain their  website for a meager amount. I just wasted that domain and hosting.

When HAPI was created in Dec 2013, I planted a lot of seed money.

We got just a one time huge donation from AHA.. after that, I am still the biggest donor.

HAPI  has donors, however, donations aren’t much.. very little in fact.

Most donations are still coming from me.

YES, it is good to have more than enough, I will be able to sustain HAPI until whenever, in fact, until I die.

The older I get, the better  I get, modesty aside.

I have already spent more than  $50k USD in my own money sustaining  my advocacy, since  November, 2010

What else is new ? Some haters still wagging their tongues.

Money is always an issue when creating societies.. we need it, even a lot of people , deny it.

I  am fortunate that I  have accumulated a lot when I was still working.

I retired early,  so that I can have more time traveling with my husband and continue my advocacy.

Indeed, it is good to  have more than enough to last me a lifetime.


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