Do not believe doctors and dentists – the traiblazers of drug addiction

The insurance company has a boom recently.

But, I retired already, cannot work that way.

What a surprise, some  doctors and dentists still promoting opioids?

Nope, not surprised at all.  Some  are prescribing opioids   like jelly doughnuts.

Oh, well, the hell do they care? They only want money.

I cannot fathom why, but people get hook to drugs because of them.

A few days on opioids will make you ” high” , but,  lives are wasted because of this “high”.

Addiction is the sequela of this prescription.

Do not believe doctors and dentists, they do not really care about you.

All they care are their pockets and more money for their practice.

Been there, done that, I never take these drugs

prescribed  by doctors and dentists.

Why, because, I know the effects, side -effects and I prescribe them myself.

Only when extremely necessary and  to maintain quality of life.

Do not be fooled : doctors and dentists are not what they seem to be.  Some,  not all.. for clarification.

Some doctors with pain management specialty, are the culprits.

I can name names, but  it will not help in anyway.


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