Our ongoing Projects:
new : Abucay, Pilar, Sorsogon – HAPI-SHADE – care of Janice Buenaventura
Alabang , Muntinlupa – HAPI – SHADE – SOGIE HAPI SHADE : Secular Humanist Advocacy Development and Education
HAPI-ARK (Bacolod) – Twice a year : June and December c/o Bryanito Pigilito Valentino
HAPI -Green Movement – including education about Climate change, environmental issues
tree planting, and evaluation of trees after planting- Consultant Art Alvarez and Mark Richardson
HAPI- Humanist Store and Merchandise – Alabang HAPI Humanist Store & Merchandise c/o Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
HAPI- Nest and Farm – Cavite HAPI-Nest and Farm c/o Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
** ACCOMPLISHMENT ***From Superstition to Reason – First ever secular book printed in the Philippines circulating now in Manila, Bulacan, Cebu, Bacolod, Iligan City. (Now in Amazon.com (look for the title, or Filipino Humanists or Marissa Langseth)
HAPI-Aquaponics – in planning stage yet c/o Alvin John Ballares and Michael Sherman
HAPI-General Assembly and International Art Exhibit in Bacolod..- in planning stage yet

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