The User, the gaslighter and the pushover


Funny, what people can  do when they are desperate. They go so low, just to bash me. They continue to complain, blame and turn tables around,  as if no one knows the truth, gaslighting those gullible souls.

Fabricating more stories via the user and the gaslighter and passing to the pushover.

What a sad scenario : instead of making their own society work, they  just complain and blame me for their failures.

What a waste of time and energy!

Very typical of  some disgruntled ex -HAPI and ex-PATAS officers.

I did not change my ways, I am the same. But, I will never go down to your level. I am no longer in your league. I have proven you wrong many times.

Examine yourselves guys: You are either an opportunist, chess player, power hungry, or just plain asshole or a Trump follower.

The people who complain reeks of irony and hypocrisy citing that I am the one badmouthing.

Check your brain cells, idiot. Maybe some neurons are no longer there due to  your envy and jealousy.

Think again. What have you done for humanity lately?

Bashing me will never make you famous.. everyone knows that you are assholes.

I can be mean, yes, but only to people  like you, who are always on a smear campaign, calling me names .

How low can you go? Befriending the very same people you dread to have in your own circle before,  but now, a friend of yours, just to get back at me? No way Jose.. not me. I would rather be alone  rather than be with those sore losers who are being pushed to make me look bad.

Hey pushover? did you know that you are being used by a gas lighter and a user? Critical thinking should clarify that, which obviously, you do not have.

A proof of desperation and stupidity. Think again.. a lamb in person, but is used as a troll, by the opportunist / user and gas lighter.

Funny, what desperate people do. I pity you


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