HAPI is on its 5th year starting Dec 26th


HAPI is alive and kicking, stronger, more stable, more than ever since the departure of the previous BOT.

No dramas, no gas lighting, no opportunists, no self entitled arrogant narcissists.

The proof: We are more active, more people volunteered, we are attracting the right ones.

A HAPI Junior based in Bacolod was just added. A rampage of members in that location?

What else is new? Bacolod chapter has been known for that, you know.

The celebration of HAPI 4th was a success.  The cake in picture was a pic of success with small flames around it that signifies passion as per the ED, AJB.

A very appropriate description of that cake, indeed.

The beginning of our 5th year is upon us.

More events and more huge activities  are in the pipeline.

Watch us grow and watch how we become better than you think.

I can hear regrets,  some people are slowly coming back.

Everyone is welcome, but, stop your stupidity and mystery.

We only want honest people and people with integrity.


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