Why I came back to HAPI : I am the FOUNDER and EMERITUS

Why I came back to HAPI?  https://hapihumanist.org/the-hapi-founder-corner/

Because, I cannot allow it to become just another online society, that utilizes words online, but does not do anything for humanity.

Words are cheap.. Actions speak better than words.

Promises are useless without action.

Online activism is without merit, if you cannot be seen on the streets marching, or doing something for the community, or attending a convention/ meeting to solidify your “words for activism”.

Seasonal activism is absurd.. there is no such a thing.

Serious activists do it whole year round.

Selective humanism is also absurd.

We cannot have humanists who are anti-LGBT, anti-poor and gives a “thumb’s up ” on EJK, or have secret lives that run after married men, trying to destroy the lives of that family. It is counter productive and an utterly outright hypocrisy.

We cannot have pathological liars  or gas lighters as leaders of HAPI or closet gay atheists. They are useless and  a waste of time and frankly, an emotional wastage of humanity.

We have raised the bar higher in HAPI, no more of that.

Besides, I am the FOUNDER and EMERITUS of HAPI.. (for Thor’s sake)

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