HAPI is now on its 5th year cultivating humanism in the Philippines.

As I said before “herding cats is a daunting task”. If I wanted an easy volunteer work, I would have just created a cooking club or a baking society or a tree planting society.

This is the challenge of a lifetime. Only those with strong personaliy and intact integrity can do this. Only those like me can sacrifice with me.

Since Nov. 2010, only those with good intention have stayed with me. The rest haveĀ gone a stray.

Not for fame nor fortune, but to make a difference; to make the world better than when we found it.

Pretenders cannot last, opportunists will be discouraged.

Self entitled arrogant narcissists will fade away.

ALL of them are gone. Good riddance. I am at peace.

I am not afraid.

I remain.
Ms M


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