When you see a doctor, always be skeptical.

Some doctors look at you like a $$ sign.

A hammer sees everyone like a nail.

Always get a second opinion.

Whatever your diagnosis is, always get a second opinion.

Some doctors are not really that good.

Some will prescribe medications so they can get  kickback.

Never listen just to one doctor or dentist.

They will clean your bank account if you do.

I used to work for the biggest health insurance company.

I have uncovered a lot of doctors who are just working for profit.

The patients are like gold mine for them.

Listen to me, I know it well. I was even threatened by a gastroenterologist for

discontinuing his colonoscopy orders.

Always be skeptical, some interventions are not medically necessary, nor will medications help.

Some medications can even make you feel worse.

Some procedures have bad side reactions.

Always guard your health, do your research instead.

Medical  and dental care are no longer what it used to be.

Please be careful, there  are a lot of greedy doctors and dentists out there.


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