My new year’s resolution for 2018

Never to deal with people who are out of my league. (scammers, social climbers, pathological liars, self- entitled arrogant narcissists, gas lighters, TROLLS)

Block those who are asking for money via PM’s  without ado.

Stay away from those who want to borrow money, even just by using jokes and “parinig”.

Always be mindful of people who will take advantage of my kindness.

Never to listen to gas lighters, those who are pretending to help, but with ulterior motives.

Continue my gratitude, especially to the new HAPI officers.


Travel more to distant places, away from it all. Life is short.

I want to travel more to  South America, South Africa and Asia.

My playground is the Caribbean Islands. (with my sweet husband).

Will go there in a spark or without any plan.

It is good to be retired with enough funds to last us a lifetime.

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