Have you googled yourself lately

The recent HAPI con has not acknowledged  me  and my donation to that event.

Never mind, I said,  the truth will come out and real  humanists know how to show acknowledgement and gratitude to those who have been there, done that.

Apparently, those two self entitled arrogant narcissists aka social climbers, tried very hard to isolate me, the HAPI Founder and Emeritus.

However, the people recognized me as  the MOVER and the person behind HAPI, no matter what they did.

The proof was the en masse resignation of those pretenders. Indeed it was  a “good riddance”.

Google can be a better way to find out if you have made an impact:

This article was just a bird’s eye view of my true activism style and how I manage to maintain my advocacy since November 2010.

An Interview with Marissa Torres Langseth, B.S.N., M.S.N. (Part One)

The author, Scott Jacobsen, did a lot of research about me and my activism.

Now, I realized that even if you hide yourself , someone will find you and see your real value as a human being  and as an activist in the true sense of the word.

To wit:

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My job is done. I am grooming someone to replace me as a Chairperson.

I hope this works out this time.

Watch HAPI grow forward and  sideways.

What have you done to criticize us in HAPI and to bash the HAPI Founder?

Keyboard warriors only? Shame on you!

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