2018 A new year for a Better HAPI


Finally it’s 2018.

A new year for HAPI.

New struggles, new challenges.

Good thing, we have new officers.

The very first time, I do not have to do a lot for HAPI.

We have a SEO expert and someone who can do the website events.

Just a breeze for me, however, still the biggest donor of HAPI.

So what? I  do have a lot of extras to give and donate.

Events, activities and events that create AWARENESS is all we need.

Marketing, promotion, creating challenges are good for the  officers and volunteers.

Because small ambitions will result in complacency and laziness.

I know this well. I have been there, done that.

Why do people who has no experience as a leader love to criticize?

What have you done lately for HAPI?

If nothing, please STFU. I do not need your advice.

I am not here to please everyone, but do my mission.



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