Advice for Single Women

I have been married  to A WASP for > 21 years, still strong and  loving, vacationing every 3 months

to renew our vows. Life  is best when both are already retired.

If not because of my husband, I would still be single today.

My advice to those seeking a long -term relationship or marriage.

Always make yourself number ONE.

Men are just desserts.

Be financially stable and seek the same in men.

Be educated and seek the same in men.

Keep a bank account for yourself, even when married.

Do not get married if TRUST is not 100%.

Pre-nup is  a proof that there is no trust.

Love and respect have NO religion.

Show your man that you are not afraid to be alone.

Be self-sufficient, both emotionally and financially.

Always say ” I love you” to your bf or husband. My husband and I exchange “I love you’s” 5 x /day.

Always appreciate your bf or husband, but do not behave like a self-entitled arrogant bitch.

Keep in mind that men are less flexible than women. We are stronger that way.

You may vacation alone once in a while, so he will miss you.

Stay away from useless drama, jealousy and self-pity.

Be confident with your relationship.

No one wants a needy  man.

Live your life as if  the man is just there to support you emotionally.

When you get the “best man” you will never  look for anyone.

Trust me. I know relationships too.


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