I am a HUMANIST : This is my legacy



Picture taken before I realized I am a humanist.

Not just an atheist.

Humanism has been in my blood since I was born.

I took care of my young siblings,  while I was still in elementary and high school.

More so, when I became financially independent .

I have helped a lot of people  with my own money, my  sweat and blood.

But not all have gratitude.

Some are worse than animals,

Even calling me names when I was not able to help them anymore

and some fabricating lies when they could not take advantage of me.

and some trying to take me down.

Of course, their efforts were futile.

Because  no one can bring a good person down.

Where are they now?

Nowhere to be found, their so called society -stagnant or dissolved.

Stop pretending : you just want my money and my attention.

This to you, I repeat : Fuck you and good riddance.

Humanism does not mean being a doormat.

I  will fight you when you start the flame..

Because, humanism is doing the right thing .

I will no longer go down to your level.

I am in a different league.

Stop stalking me. I am done with you.

I am a humanist and this is my legacy.

We will go forward with or without you.

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