More donors than ever in HAPI : kindness begets kindness

Since the “en masse resignation”  of HAPI Officers in Sept, 15, 2017,

HAPI has garnered more donors locally and abroad. That was the magic bullet!

Those who were quiet before,  became more visible.

Those  who were not posting  before,  are posting now.

We have even garnered a few more affiliations and collaboration.

What else is new?  A  brighter future for  HAPI,  and more successful events with IHEU .

Some said, they were just waiting for the elitists to disappear in HAPI.

Some said, they were just waiting for the social climbers to leave.

Some said, those who were there “for show ” are gone.. which is much better for HAPI.

They cannot even sustain their new society.

What was that name again? another show of ningas cogon from someone who is  just there

for pretenses and opportunism, who used our HAPI platform for her own self -aggrandizement..

So who is a self -entitled arrogant narcissist? .. your mirror.

Gathering more gullible people for your victims?.. Tough luck,

I was not your victim.. Imagine trying to get a  loan of  a million pesos from me?

No wonder, she still owed a lot from someone else.

Those who are just keyboard warriors are slowly dissipating.

Must be difficult to “herd cats”. I told you so.. But you did not listen.

It would have been better if  you  guys can build another nonreligious group.

The more, the better. I am saying this as a challenge to those who left PATAS and HAPI.

But , oh my, it is now > 6 months since you guys left HAPI .. where art thou?

and PATAS? oh well.. cannot even sustain a tiny website..

Where is that dummy account who wants to dis invite me in the HAPI con  which I also paid for ?

Are you insane? or you are just full of “talkshit”. Proof was there.. you are the  sore loser, divisive and ignorant about Filipino culture.  You  have not even set foot on one island in the Philippines..

So stop that pretense and lies  again and again.. but can a pathological liar improve his behavior?

Your guess  is as good as mine.

I am flying high.. what about you?


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