Pearls from Ms M : use common sense

Common sense/ Pearls from me on “How to be successful”

> Live beneath your means. Only buy what you need, unless you have plenty of extra money and pay it in cash. Pay off your credit cards every month.

>It is not how much you earn, but how much you save.

>Budgeting is an art: have money for spending, giving and saving.

>Eat 3 small meals to maintain or lose weight which maintains your metabolism. Stay away from white and processed foods.

>Do not pay anyone to tell you what to do.

>Take advantage of scholarship offers, stipend and grants.

> It takes money to earn money. No one will invest with you if you are broke.

>You cannot give what you do not have.

>Go back to school and attain the highest educational level that will improve your salary.

>Prioritize your needs and wants. Emotions are transient, reason is permanent.

>Do not listen to others, even if they are your blood relatives. Some would like to see you fail.

>Do not be superstitious, It is a waste of your time.

>Do not depend on others, even on your husband.

>Do not wait for tomorrow what you can do today.

>Organize your day, week or year. Plan ahead  and create an alternative course of action.

>Dream BIG. Hitch your wagon to a star (My high school motto).

>Be loyal to people who are loyal to you . Love those who love you

>Be spontaneous, but be careful.

>Help others, especially those who deserve it.

> Learn from your mistakes and learn from other people’s mistakes. You do not have enough time to learn them all.

> Use coupons, use “no frills” if necessary.

>Go to the library if you cannot afford to buy books.

>Travel often to learn other people’s culture. You will find similarities in other culture. Filipino culture is a mirror image of the black population. They were enslaved to become Roman Catholics.

>Buy expensive, quality  things to last a lifetime.

>Ask for a raise, but,  be ready for the consequences.

> You are number one. Always put yourself number one. Be sure to put your oxygen first while on the plane, before you can help others. (analogy).

>Motivate others, be an inspiration. If you have inspired one, you have already done your job, how much more if you have inspired more than one hundred?

> Be ambitious. Do not be satisfied with what you have. Stagnation can kill ambition.

> Do not take advantage of other people’s weaknesses and do not let people take advantage of you. Have enough self -respect to walk away.

>Do your research first before buying stuff.

>Take good care of yourself, so that you are able to take care of others.

>Follow your gut feelings. It usually is true. Remove toxic people from your life. Do not feel sorry for them.

>Blow your own horn to get the job. Promote yourself.

>Diversify your assets. Make your assets work for you. Create a stream of income for retirement, then you can retire early.

>Do not be greedy, pay if forward. Give back.

>Be self-sufficient. Save for the future.

>Do not flaunt what you have, you may do so when it is necessarily important and is asked by the situation. Being a millionaire is something to be proud of especially, you did it on your own honestly,   from your own sweat, flesh,  blood and hard work.

>Be kind,  but do not let anyone put you down. Do not be a doormat. Fight when it is called for.

>Make use of your time efficiently.

>Show your love to your husband. Tell him you love him 3-5x a day. Life is short. Be respectful of your husband. Love and respect have no religion.

>Treat yourself very well. Buy yourself gifts, if you can afford it.

>Be aware of your surroundings. Watch or read daily news.

>Be responsible for your financial security. Create a retirement plan and goals that will last a lifetime.

>If you weather a storm, then, you must have built something strong.

>Hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

>Learning is a continuous process, while alive.

> Do not let anyone distract you from your purpose in life.

> You are higher than those who put you down. How can they put you down if you are not above them already?

>Always apologize when you realize you are wrong. It only means you are bigger than them. Apology means you want to save the relationship.

If they cannot apologize to you, when they are wrong, they are not worth your time, money and effort. Go forward.






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