Since the departure of some HAPI officers  in Sept, 2017,  we have been at the limelight in our international affiliates.

Oh well, the toxic wastes have been dumped. They have no society until now, it is almost July,  2018.. The promise was just six months.. You still have time to make good on your promise.. I am challenging  you guys!

In the meantime, HAPI has  been contacted by many interviewers which were diverted to the BOT.

Too many problems of success.. too many people volunteering and some donating  even.

It is clear to me now: those who left only want to be “keyboard warriors”, because  it is difficult to

be offline activists.

Cowards in short,  especially MM aka ATW and BO, oh  what a pity., or some are really too busy to be involved..Just one of them , you know who.

And the previous officers are not even interested in environmental issues. It was just a show after all.

The trees have died and nobody cares.


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