Prefatory of “No Outside Intelligence” – an entry in storytelleruk2018 humanism

My autobiography is a story from rags-to-riches with a turbulent past, poverty and controversy, the struggles of simultaneously working 3 jobs in New York City, USA and ultimately, finding my own personal happiness.

Even with abject poverty, I take pride in being able to rise up on my own, being a top notch consistent honor student from elementary to college in the Philippines and to post- MSN graduate program in New York City, USA.

My life with suicide attempts: a total of 4 times. Why me? Why am I still alive?

I am married very well to a very loving and generous WASP (White Anglo-Saxon Protestant) since March, 1996. Our union is very strong, has weathered a lot of hard times and a testament to the fact that love and respect have no boundaries and religion.

I have founded two non-religious societies, PATAS (Philippine Atheists and Agnostics Society) and HAPI (Humanist Alliance Philippines, International) in the Philippines despite being based in the USA. This was possible through the diligent use of social media, more specifically the Facebook platform. The distance of almost 9,000 miles was not a hindrance at all, and is a reflection how social media and the digital world can be used for positive causes.

I was naïve at first, believing that people were like me: kind, honest and straightforward, with intact integrity. To my disappointment, life revealed that I was wrong, and that some people are capable of being evil to the bones, even if they are atheists.

I have brought joy, unity and happiness to many but am hated by some for creating non-religious societies. If I am no longer in touch with you, that means, you are either a scammer, a thief, a sociopath, an opportunist, a chess player, a gas lighter or a self-entitled arrogant narcissist (SEAN). I have made a conscientious decision to remove this kind of negativity from my life.

Know me better, read my past and present and why I am HAPI and will never let go of it. Cheer me up, cry with me, and relive my life in your imagination.

Be creative, join me in this altruistic movement, volunteer in HAPI: We are all in this together and together we can do so much!

Thus far, HAPI is the only non-religious society with regular community outreach. We believe that a strong society is based in the community and that is why we believe that it is important to invest in the children of this world – they are our future and shape the generations to come.

I awake each morning, savoring how fortunate I am to have this opportunity, to help the people in the Philippines, to wake them up from their long slumber of religious insanity. When the shackles of religion keeps one from doing good to mankind and divides the world, then we have a moral and ethical responsibility to question if religion is achieving what it is supposed to do.

In Vienna, Austria at St Stephan square.

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