Gaslighter dummy account is also a sociopath or worse psychopath like his idol Trump.


A new donor looking out for HAPI just found a site usurping authority of HAPI officers.

Another low for the gaslighter, again a Trumptard move and

a sociopathic desire to steal  HAPI by hook or by crook.

What do you do when you are bored and have nothing to do?

steal my society? pathetic, devious, malicious and outright nefarious,

Get a life, will you!

You think, we do not know what you are doing?

I am not ms M for nothing!,

Watch your back: we are already on you case.

Funny, how this dummy diagnose me.. without medical/nursing credentials..

he must have forgotten about  my credentials galore. GO back to school will you>

He starts to rationalize his failure again and again.. and blame me again and again..

Have you a sense of responsibility?

     You just cannot undermine the founder! who paid half of the HAPI con.                                                                                                                IDIOT!


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