A Mother’s Mission: Paying it Forward

How much do you love your children? By paying it forward : that is my mission.

Since my son  cannot appreciate and  understand how humanity operates,  I will see to it that the next generations will do. A tall order, but I think, we have seen the impact already in the HAPI kids and other  events.

My son has the most loving and peaceful environment in the world, with financial support galore from me, even when I am gone, he will have everything he needs: that is how secured he is.

Never to abandon my responsibility for my son. But, I went further :

I have a lot of children now, my children in humanism.

I  will do everything to change the people’s  mindset in  the next generations to come, to respect equality of men, even if they look different from you.

To give them ammunition of critical thinking, not to  be swayed by the machination of  evil humans who are opportunists,  gaslighters,  and self entitled arrogant narcissists,  with ulterior motive to take over my society.

To train people how to pay it forward, because I do not need repayments.

Indeed,  it is great to have everything I need,  and more for the future of HAPI and its people.


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