Official Statement and Public Warning from HAPI

HAPI – Humanist Alliance Philippines, International is announcing a public warning.

Humanist Alliance Philippines, International (HAPI) warns the Filipino and international public against trusting online pages and social media accounts that falsely represent HAPI and usurp authority of its leaders.

It has come to our attention that some ZoomInfo profiles unofficially list names, titles and activities of HAPI. The profiles have been removed but may continue to appear in search results. The person behind the said unofficial profiles remains unknown. Report any suspicious profile, message or transaction to as soon as possible.

In this regard, know that ALEX TRACY WISNER a.k.a. “Marco Mendoza” on Facebook, is no longer connected with HAPI in any way. Effective 15 September 2017, he resigned irrevocably after being mistakenly elected as Membership Director, and Chairperson of eight months. Founder Marissa Torres Langseth, RN, MSN, ANP has since sat as Chairperson due to persistent demand by the majority of donors and members.

Among the resignees are Bobby Olarte (former Assistant Chairperson), Jennifer Gutierrez Baltazar (former Executive Director), Danielle Erika Hill (former Youth Affairs Director) and Cris Rafael Silao (former International Convenor). Others were resigned without their knowledge.

Resignees may be accepted as members and volunteers only. They may send their letters of intent to

Michael Sherman is new Assistant Chairman. AJ Ballares is new Executive Director, McJarwin Cayacap is National Events Director, Dwengster Bulaclac is Chief Financial Officer, Dirk Vader is new Membership Director, and Manuel Felicia is Legal Affairs Director.

For the updated and full list of HAPI officers and trustees, go here:


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