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When someone left the society, this someone became enraged and badmouthed the “founder of the society”, rationalizing his departure like a real crazy lunatic, gaslighting everyone at his path.

A glaring sign of ” what I cannot have,  you cannot have” , crabbing in short,  hoping/ wanting to destroy the society.

Oh well, he is no longer there.. so it must be a shit hole?

Nope, not at all.

Since they left in Sept 15, 2017,  HAPI became so busy  with events/ activities galore,

that the website cannot even  keep up with its respective  articles.

It is almost one year, still this pathological liar and gaslighter with a dummy account of ” Marco Mendoza” is still hovering on others to confuse them and “gaslight’ them anew.

He barks at his page hoping for others to listen. He forgot that a public warning was already published about him.

Laughable,  he even diagnoses me,  but without a license to do it. Too funny indeed.

He still goes around, to other religious pages for debates, a dummy account who has no accountability nor integrity. A rabid debater without conscience, what else is new? he is just a dummy account !

I pity the ones who  listened  to this dummy .

He has underestimated me even, as  I am as HAPI as can be, because happiness comes from within.

I have risen above the  bullshit in life. I am most resilient.

By the way, my autobiography says it all about me. I wrote all events, not embarrassed by the “bad times” and not comforted by the good times.

A review from my FB  friend in the USA, BN,  who is a social worker:

Your message reminded me that I needed to do that! So so far, I’ve read half of it. I didn’t know you almost became a Muslim! That was a close call! But the main thing that shines through on virtually every page is your resilience as a woman and as a human being. I found the story of the priest who assaulted you to be all too timely, reading it as I did after the horrors that have been revealed in Pennsylvania. It’s all too sad and all too revelatory a story of how priests abuse their position to take advantage of the innocent. My dear friend, you are a survivor. I’m glad that you made it through those four suicide attempts safe. Having Co-written the section on suicidal people for THE HOSPICE COMPANION (Oxford University Press) 3rd edition (I think it’s the third one, maybe the second), I am all too familiar with this subject. And just very grateful that you’ve made it through those and survived. Your story makes me realize how precious you are, how strong and determined you are, and how very much you have given to our beloved Philippines. Thank you for writing it; and never, ever, ever forget that you have made a difference.”

That comment brought tears of joy to my eyes.

How can one make a difference? By writing a book, the truth, nothing but the truth and remain HAPI.




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