Rich Enough for Advocacy

I am glad that I am rich enough not to monetize any atheistic/humanistic endeavors..

in fact.. I have shared my wealth since 2011..

I have spent millions already in pesos..

It is indeed my calling to spend my own money in the Phils for this kind of advocacy..

I do not need fame nor fortune.. we are for education..

My autobiography  is even free at Kindle..

And we have donated a lot of books to other libraries to promote education.

Our HAPI coffers are spent also for humanistic endeavors..

Luckily, we have a lot of donors who believe in HAPI..

Frankly, even without those donors, HAPI can still continue,

Oh yeah.. that is how liquid and financially stable we are..

Not at all bragging, but truth be told..and  nothing but the truth.

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