Who is Santa Claus?

I have been wondering that too.

When  I was a  kid, I was wondering why   I was not getting gifts as a poor, humble, meek girl

who followed all orders from a superior.

At a tender age of 11, I discovered, only rich people can play Santa, because they have the means, therefore,

Only rich kids get gifts,  which  made a lot of sense.

But who is Santa Claus?

I became a Santa Claus when I came to the USA in 1990.

I give gifts every time I go home,  up to this day.

I became a better Santa in 2010, I promised to give a computer or two,  every year to anyone.

Unlike Bill Gates, he gave a computer to every little child in the Amazon. He is my idol.

This is the very reason why I created nonreligious societies in the Philippines.

To change the mindset of children, so that they will grow up with common sense, logic

and of course, critical thinking.

So,  be good for goodness sake, Santa is watching you.

and You can be the next computer recipient!

Opps, before I forget, my husband is my Santa.. He fulfills my every dream

and makes my dream come true.



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