Billions of flies eat shit, do not make it right.

It is a metaphor that means even 99% believes in something, it does not mean it is true.

Akin to religion and gods, what happened to you?

All narratives in my blogs and my autobiography are true. Set in stone for everyone to read and see.

Tell them to sue me, I will see you in court.


A gas lighter has come into being again, hoping to destroy the peace that we are enjoying in HAPI.

That is awesome, indeed, that means we are still a threat.

A threat so grand,  that it means this gaslighter has to work harder,  to keep us working harder.

So it seems, in  his twisted psyche.

We are all in this together, seems he does not have a clue.

He wants to disturb a society that he tried to steal from me, but was fortunately, unable to.

I know he reads this, because he is my stalker from the get go.

He makes a lot of elaborate claims and send PM’s to those poor souls who

think they can amend the present situation.

Damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

I paid my dues long before, almost,  even lost my hubby.

One cannot gaslight me anymore, I have passed that stage.

If you are his victim, I feel sorry for you,  coz you have been gaslit and lied to.


I have terminated a lot, I am  unapologetic for what I did.

If not for that, there would be no PATAS nor HAPI.

have you heard of weeding out galore?

Either they survive or I,  either they leave  or I.

I am still here pounding the pavement.. where are they now?

Still in limbo? no society in sight? Indeed, you are a LOSER, you know who you are.

Truth always survives, even if One person believes in it!


“What the wise do in the beginning, fools do in the end.” —Warren Buffett

I have the bragging rights of being the Founder of both PATAS and HAPI, whether you

like it or not. I did it in the beginning.. and  you are trying to do it now?


You gaslit  a few of my friends, but, they are coming back to me.

A sign of who is right? not really: we just want to make it work.

Work with me, stop your stupidity,  maybe I can still accept you.

Until then, as a gaslighter, you will not be taken seriously by serious activists, but

maybe by  those who are easily swayed and have no sense  of pride….but  are actually  hypocrites inside.

At least, I am not a hypocrite, I claim responsibility for my actions.

I can brag about my achievements.. because actions speak better than words.

Therefore, if you are not with me, you have wronged me big time.

I have a very, very  long patience, I am still here, am I not?

I said this before,   and I will say it  again :  I am not  ms M for nothing!

“The world has the habit of making room for the man whose words and actions show that he knows where he is going.” –Napoleon Hill


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