The “failed” evolution of AMP (Atheist Movement, Philippines on FB)

Sometime in 2015, AMP was created by MM aka ATW, then in good terms with HAPI people,  as a subsidiary of HAPI.

A spin off.. or whatever you call it, AMP was part and parcel of HAPI.

He usurped almost all HAPI people to make  AMP.. actually just a sub group of HAPI for atheist debates.

I even declined to be added,  because it will confuse the members.. we can only concentrate on one society to make it the best, based on  my vast experience as an activist.

Did I tell you what scattered brain MM is ? He also made a lot of HAPI fan pages which he called HAPI billboards.. which made sense for a while, until no one wants to post anymore.

He cannot even make his so called friends to post there.. He cannot even make his special chosen few to post there.

It was a failed experiment, nonetheless.

Came Sept. 15, 2017, MM has orchestrated a ” mass resignation”  for more drama: some of those who resigned,  did not even know that they have resigned. Some were just too new to even know what was going on.

There was a schism between MM and his gang against the “working class in HAPI” whom rebelled

because the new leaders did not really know what is best for HAPI.

Oh well, you cannot fight the real working class  of HAPI. They are “hands on”,  mean while, you are just sitting on a velvet chair telling them what to do.. They are HAPI  volunteers, not paid by you!

HAPI continued to progress  because of them, not because  of you who cannot even reveal his true identity.

Where is your integrity and credibility? That mattered a lot then, and it still matters now.

Laughable,  indeed, to the core. The secrets finally came out.

A drama to behold, a gaslighter indeed and in deed.

The ” resignees”  promised to make a “better society”, better than HAPI? good to know!

After  more than six months, there was no society. His “friends”  who went with him could not even post in AMP, a FB online page only. There was no plan in the horizon. Nothing, nada, zippo.. I wish to see one, frankly.. We are all in this together. We  do not compete with anyone.

Out of that conclusion, MM made AMP his own.. He created it for sure..

He disengaged the whole AMP FB page from HAPI and treated it like his own, sometimes,  mentioning others who do not care anymore and are clearly no longer enthused or  no longer activists.

AMP now stands alone.. no longer a part of HAPI. The better  part of evolution or the failed AMP evolution.

Not a loss, I suppose, AMP is composed of keyboard warriors.. including the creator.

What else is new? MM was given a lot of chances to prove me wrong.

His replies were sending HAPI volunteers, more  nasty messages badmouthing me and how I discredit him and his friends and other “resignees”, calling me names, which made it worse, knowing he has no medical nor nursing degree. His demeanor is appalling, a characteristic of a psychopath who failed to convince me in giving him the HAPI website. I did not give it to him because I was afraid that HAPI can become another PATAS.. (I was on a defensive mode)

All manufactured lies and ideas coming from a gaslighter continue to this day.

He just cannot accept that HAPI survived, without them.

Told ya, you bet on the wrong horse this time.

I do not even know some of those mentioned in his “battery of messages to others”,

because I only come to know the most active ones..

I only get to know the movers and the serious activists in HAPI.

True, there will be weak and meek people who  will follow and agree with him.

But the strong will remain in HAPI.

That is  “Law of Natural Selection or survival of the fittest”, as per Charles Darwin

We will continue to weed out  the weak, the pretenders and especially, the hypocrites.

I call them self- entitled arrogant narcissist.

So please be careful with gaslighters, a true Trumptard indeed,  and in deeds.

Trump is a gaslighter: a true persona of MM aka ATW. Be careful.



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