Especially for Religious Filipinos



Facts about religion ( especially for religious Filipinos).

> You are worthless without Jesus. THIS is STUPID!
It is the other way around : your Jesus, aka pastors and other clergy

are nothing without your money and worship.

There are a lot of scandals already, yet you remain deaf, mute and blind.

So sad. In fact, if you continue supporting your church, you are a co-conspirator of pedophilia, sexual scandal in RCC.

> The most religious are the most corrupt.

Take a look at your politicians in the Philippines, using icons and Nazarene for their own self-interest and to get more votes.. How gullible are you?

> You suffer because your Jesus wants you to.

Pain is optional nowadays due to modern science and technology.
Why even use a computer if you are still archaic in your belief?

> Why do you go to a hospital when you are sick?

because deep inside you, you do not trust prayers.

If you really do, you will stay at home when you are sick.
> Why do you cry when your prayers failed and someone died? Do you mean you are against your god’s will?
SO ironic , isn’t it?

> No one is saved, we will all die.. and there is NO AFTERLIFE.. if there were, we could have some evidence by now.
My experimentation in the nursing home also confirmed that premise .

Until now, I did not get any clue nor signs about life after death, that includes my father in law..

>Use common sense, how can you get eternal life after death? when all your organs are already rotten / eaten by worms.. .. that is illogical and frankly absurd.

> There is NO spirit/soul or ghosts. They are useless,, if they were real.. how can they even touch you?

> Sin is a man-made malady with an imaginary cure (god).

> You cannot be LGBT and remain religious.

Read Leviticus, in short, your religion is homophobic.

They will kill you if you are LGBT as per your bible..

especially if you are gay and Muslim,  that is actually not acceptable and they can kill you for that.

> The reward of 100k USD is still on,

and no one has even given hint to claim it since Nov 2010.
Anyone who can provide me with a solid, reproducible evidence of your god is welcome…

Miracles very much appreciated.. I will give you 100k USD.. no question..


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