True Crabs of Atheism: What is your purpose in life


I was just thinking, if and only if

these crabs who are constantly  bashing me could  build a better nonreligious organization in the Philippines,

I would be quiet.

But no, they complain and complain and criticize what I do.

In the early years of my activism, some were even mad that I cannot send them money.

A specific person, even made a lot of dummy accounts just to put me down.

Some even created malicious FB pages dedicated to bashing me.

Where are they now? gone to oblivion, still no nonreligious society?

I guess, they found someone to bash.

Haters gonna hate.. what kind of human beings do that on a daily basis?

I guess, these are the ones who have no purpose in their lives,

but,  to bash or criticize someone who is  giving a favor to the Philippines.

But,  have you thought of banding together and make a better HAPI?

Think again.. that is the only way to silence me.

Your anger towards me should make you guys unite,  so  you can  make a better nonreligious society

in the Philippines..

than just become dummy keyboard warriors: crabbing everyday to get my attention.

Until then, you can shove your head in your ass.. because that is what you are.

An asshole full of crabs.



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