Damn if you do, damn if you don’t

One of the purposes of being a humanist is to expose the charlatans, the scammers,

the back stabbers, those who made money from me, those who think of me as a ” gold mine”

and especially those who have underestimated me.

Your rhetoric and transparent posts on FB show how guilty you are.

We cannot have leaders who are corrupt and make money from the poor.

We cannot have leaders who make advocacies just to further their selfish goals. Diva attitude pa!

We cannot have leaders who will disappear when found guilty.

We cannot have pretentious leaders who owe their friends huge amounts..

Your “bad history” will follow you around.. trust me.

I do not need fame nor fortune.. I need loyal people who can help me make a difference in the Philippines..
I could have just stood alone as a philanthropist.
But, I believe in diversity and strength in numbers.
that is why we have HAPI.

Damn if you do, damn if you don’t : I do not give a flying fuck whether you like me or not.

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