Time Flies.. my birthday again..




For my birthday this  month:
> I want to celebrate it with HAPI-Kids, Alabang  care of Jamie Del Rosario Martinez
> Celebrate it with the volunteers of Aeta Immersion in Mt. Haduan
>Celebrate it with HAPI-Junior Volunteers in Bacolod, care of Ceejay Deriada Pastrana
> celebrate it with another “strong woman” of my choice
> make a young girl more HAPI on her bday, turning 18
> make someone more HAPI by buying him a cellphone

>Help someone to go to Iceland

> help someone to go to Singapore

**make me happy and HAPI  with more vacations in tow with my husband.



2 thoughts on “Time Flies.. my birthday again..

  1. Dear Ms. M,

    I am really great full for your generosity. May you have many more amazing years. Luv yah 🙂 Nagmamahal,
    Dalagang Filipina (pero mandirigma)

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