Election update: We need women empowerment!

I remember a certain congresswoman’s  name, but not as a congresswoman, but someone who was condescending with nurses :

I was contacted by a NY-based journalist to make an article  about nursing,  as a rebuttal to her claims and  expose her ignorance.

Oh well, it was a long time ago..

This is already an  archive, but still applicable and a classic, never to be forgotten.

For your reading pleasure..


And we did have a CNN Philippines exposure.

Thanks to Klaris Quezon, HAPI Executive Secretary/ BOT and HAPI-Central Luzon

Lead Convener, it was awesome.  She had a stage presence also.


Yes, we do need women empowerment in the Philippines.

Not all you see on TV is true.. Some news are “faux news” just to make the viewers feel good.

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