Roses are Red, violets are blue :My husband loves me more than you know

My husband used to give me dozens and dozens of roses when we were still dating.

When we got married >23 years ago, he planted roses, so he can save money.

He is frugal, but  the sub-zero roses are also expensive to maintain in our front and

backyard. Oh well, he is such a nice human, you know.

Since our lawn doctor does minimal, my husband is happy to do his part to keep the roses

healthy and blooming all year round. What a nice way to see our front and backyard

espcecially on my birth month. Wait till you see when all of the other flowers bloom in summer.

Remember, these are just roses.

He does all of these yard work for me, he says. He truly loves me more than anyone could fathom.

What else can I ask for? I am very HAPI and my husband is just my bonus.

He is very frugal, yet he spends for our expensive vacations and luxury cruises like no other.

I guess, we are together for life, no one can tear us apart.

Better for both of us, indeed!

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