I almost became a whistleblower

I almost became a whistleblower. But, my very loving husband requested,  that I just quit and leave the company in peace. We know that this huge corporations can silence me forever, if I expose them.

I quit my job at a very lucrative health insurance company in 2015, as an Adult Nurse Practitioner. Their philosophy is already clashing with mine. They think patients are just “numbers”. Profit is always number one.

SOME DOCTORS ARE CROOKS> some health insurance companies upcode to get more money from MEDICARE..one reason why our healthcare system in the USA is fucked up.

My life was even threatened by one doctor because I discontinued his orders. . Some doctors do not really care about patients.. They only care about their pockets and profits for their corporation.
They instill fear in the hearts of their patients, just so they can line their pockets with $$$$.
Too many orders of unnecessary hospitalization and diagnostic tests.. just to upcode and get more funding from insurance companies and Medicare.

I hope you get second and third opinions when you have a new diagnosis.. Different doctors have different medical strategy and treatment modalities.. Try switching to another doctor, so you will experience what I mean.

I will slowly expose why our healthcare system is fucked up and nearing bankruptcy.  More to follow!

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