Whistleblowing : Some Dentists Are Thieves!

Some dentists are there just to make money.

I went to a dentist who replaced the old one.

He was a tiny Korean guy, a new graduate, with his office very bright and  spiffy

with new living room set and classy chairs.

He looked at my teeth in query and said that  I

needed a bridge since an implant is not warranted, and will cost me only $4500.

He promised to make it perfect so I can look like a million- dollar woman.

Reluctantly, I agreed  for a mold.. but my mind was busy thinking about this

dental intervention.

He further said, he needed  to replace my 3 healthy teeth to make a perfect bridge?

3 healthy teeth to be destroyed?. WTF said my neurons, my alarm bells went off..

and he said, I should be back every 5 years to have it replaced. Lo and behold, a captured stupidity!

I did not want to embarrass him since his wife was  also a budding dental student, listening to our conversation and silently agreeing to it with her lovely face like a naïve little girl.

These hullabaloo continued until I went home.. and had a clear picture of what was going on.

I called him to cancel the whole procedure in the future and looked for another dentist.. My 5th or 6th, I think.

More narratives from my beloved husband.

I have instructed him to refer to me first, before paying anything .

My husband went to this same cute Korean dentist for an implant.

He was told he needed to remove 2 more healthy teeth,  so it will not  be a problem in the future, and  will cost him $9, 000 USD

for the 3 implants.

Take note, my husband is only complaining of one tooth!

Since my husband has no issues with money, he paid 50% with his credit card.

He came home and told me the whole story.

Long story short, I was livid,  and I asked him to cancel everything and to call the credit card also to cancel the $4500 he already paid.

He called the dentist, and the dentist got mad with him, fighting with him even.

Of course, he said.. because my wife said so: HAHA! It is always my fault.

In a few days, I found a better dentist . He is from Afghanistan, very meek, humble and a lot of bedside manners..

He took care of my one tooth and charged me less than $ 2700  for an implant.

I referred my beloved husband to him, of course.

He did only one implant and it costed him less than $3000.

Lesson learned. Never trust some  dentists.

Some  only care about their pockets to line with $$$.

Very few dentists can be trusted.. this one, I trust.

I have recommended him to my Jewish friends and neighbors..

So far, his intervention is above par and the costing is very low.

He has integrity and always does the right thing for humanity.

We became friends and I found out he is also secular but spiritual…originally from Afghanistan.


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